Sunday, December 5, 2010

Weight loss!! AAAHHHH!!

So I have a wedding that I will be in on November 11th of 2011.  And I have to lose weight, not a lot but enough to not have lumps showing through my dress.  Lol!  I have done the calorie count thing plus a cardio work out and a power sculpting work out and it worked.  I did all of that 2 years ago, and am finding it hard to convince myself or be enthusiastic about starting that hard work all over again.  If there are any ideas please share them with me for I am all worn out thinking of new ways of getting myself out of this blah stage.  Thanks!!


  1. Naomi - I have no advice, but I will wish you the best of luck! You can do it.

  2. I work out everyday and it pays off tremendously. I do the p90x program. It is very hard work but you will look amazing if you follow it. When I started I didnt need to lose weight I needed to tone. I saw a huge difference in the middle of my second week. Look into it, i recommend it to the world. Good luck!

  3. With the p90x do you follow the diet that comes with it or do you just do the workout? My husbands cousin tried it and gave up, because she had to get all of these different foods that some she could not find.