Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Body Scanners!

So I think that the Body Scanners are a good idea.  I don't know what people think about when they think of safety, but I do think that it is the best we can do.  I would rather they find a terrorist that is packing or a crazy person who just wants to blow up a plan get caught before they get on a plan versus catching them in the air once everyone is on board.  Now I know that a lot of people think that it is a controversy due to the privacy of an individual......but what privacy will you have if you are dead from a suicide bomber or a crazy person dealing with a gun or bomb.  I think that safety in this case is much more important than what people are going to see when they scan my body.  And believe me I am not no super model so that is not coming from self confidence of my appearance.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas with a family who really is not family.

So Christmas is coming up and I am dreading having my mother in law and sister in law over.  Every Christmas since we have been here they only get my youngest son a gift and the older two don't get anything.  My two older children come from a previous marriage so they are not my husband's children.  But he has been around since my oldest was 3 years old.  So in essence they are kind of like his children.  My mother in law said that because they are not her grand children she doesn't feel like she should buy them anything.  Now my family back at home buy my step daughters(2) gifts and have never met the girls.  So I was brought up differently to how his family is used to being.  I ask God every time that I am around them to put the words in my mouth, because I can become a ghetto ass Mexican real fast; meaning no offense to the other Mexicans that read this blog, but that is who I can be.  And I don't want to give her reasons to start her crap or to start her whispering on the side.  She does a lot of whispering on the side and it drives me nuts.  Why can she not be woman enough to tell me to her face.  I really wish she would act her age and not her shoe size. 

Friday, November 12, 2010

Traumatic experience

My daughter this past Wednesday has had a traumatic experience in one of her classes.  Apparently this friend of hers walked into class not speaking to anyone or putting up his books in his locker and sat down at his desk and put his head down.  When class was going to begin the teacher asked him to sit up so that she knew he was paying attention.  When he didn't respond to her she went up to him and lifted him up from his position and he was not moving, breathing and had no pulse.  The teacher began CPR as she was crying and yelled out to her class to go next door to tell the teacher to call 911 and to take the class out of the room.  The class was escorted to the cafeteria as the ambulance came to pick him up.  They still have no word on how this child is doing. 

I can't imagine how my daughter must of felt as she has seen all of this happen.  She came home crying as she told me.  I also can't imagine being the parents receiving this phone call about their child being a parent of three myself.  It is heart breaking to know that this child is going through this.  I have been praying for him and his family since Wednesday knowing that prayer has a great deal of power.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My husband leaving for Japan for 2 years.

My husband will be leaving for Japan for 2 years, and I will be moving back to Texas in February.  How does one deal with a spouse being gone for that long?  I can only imagine the insecurities that we will have, and the counseling that we will need when he returns due to not being a part of our lives for 2 years.  Not to mention the children, and how they will cope with a dramatic change in their lives.  Any advice anyone?