Sunday, October 31, 2010


I read an article about the emo culture online the articles were disturbing.  One day my daughter came home wanting to have an emo haircut; I didn't know what that was so my friend sent me an email of the hair do.  I personally would not wear the hair cut, but it is not that bad of a look.  So I told her when I had time I would take her.  Well I decided to read about the emo style, and it began with history of the emo culture.  It started with music then generated into this cult that someone somewhere down the line created initiations, rules to being an emo, and music that emo's listen to.  I read more from another article that was title warning to parents of an emo child.  It caught my so I began to read it.  It was about a mother who had a daughter who started falling too far into the emo culture ending her life to suicide.  Now my daughter is only 11 and is very independent and is wondering if I should be worried about her falling into this emo culture too much?  She is already wearing the black gym shoes, black pants, but she does not have black shirts, and I have taken her to get the hair cut.  I talked to her about it, and asked her what kind of emo she wanted to be and she said she just wants to wear the clothes and the hair like them.  I am relieved to know, but at the same time she has read about the emo culture online without me knowing so she is aware of the self harming that these emo's do to themselves.  If anyone has anymore information please repost to my blog.

Thank you for reading.

Naomi Cintron