Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Body Scanners!

So I think that the Body Scanners are a good idea.  I don't know what people think about when they think of safety, but I do think that it is the best we can do.  I would rather they find a terrorist that is packing or a crazy person who just wants to blow up a plan get caught before they get on a plan versus catching them in the air once everyone is on board.  Now I know that a lot of people think that it is a controversy due to the privacy of an individual......but what privacy will you have if you are dead from a suicide bomber or a crazy person dealing with a gun or bomb.  I think that safety in this case is much more important than what people are going to see when they scan my body.  And believe me I am not no super model so that is not coming from self confidence of my appearance.


  1. Hi Naomi,

    Boy, it seems like this topic is in the news every day! I agree with you that air travel safety is extremely important, however this situation is a classic catch 22. It seems that in order to ensure the safety of air passengers, we must give up just a smidge of our personal privacy. I'm really okay with it. From what I understand, you have an option to either go through the super scanners or have an employee do a thorough pat down. If this is true, I don't really see what the big deal is. If you don't want to be touched by a stranger, then go through the scanner. Sure, it's invasive, but at least no one is touching you! If that isn't the case, and anyone is subject to physical examination, then I would have to disagree with that. Without adequate suspicion, NO ONE has permission to search my body. This is a really interesting thing going on, and it is sure to be the topic of much debate for a long time.


  2. Carly that is true. I certainly am uncomfortable with the thought to fly that someone will have to frisk me before I go see family. Now do you know if with the body scanner can other people see it or just the personal? Because if it is just the personal then I really don't see the problem there. Now if it was on a wide screen 64 inch monitor held up over the heads of the travelers for all to see then I would see the problem. But after all it is there job, and we have our amendments. So it is hard to just please everybody. Have a wonderfully fun, safe, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Naomi - I agree with you. I really don't want a pat down, and at this point in life, if someone enjoys looking at me, scanned, okay!!