Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas with a family who really is not family.

So Christmas is coming up and I am dreading having my mother in law and sister in law over.  Every Christmas since we have been here they only get my youngest son a gift and the older two don't get anything.  My two older children come from a previous marriage so they are not my husband's children.  But he has been around since my oldest was 3 years old.  So in essence they are kind of like his children.  My mother in law said that because they are not her grand children she doesn't feel like she should buy them anything.  Now my family back at home buy my step daughters(2) gifts and have never met the girls.  So I was brought up differently to how his family is used to being.  I ask God every time that I am around them to put the words in my mouth, because I can become a ghetto ass Mexican real fast; meaning no offense to the other Mexicans that read this blog, but that is who I can be.  And I don't want to give her reasons to start her crap or to start her whispering on the side.  She does a lot of whispering on the side and it drives me nuts.  Why can she not be woman enough to tell me to her face.  I really wish she would act her age and not her shoe size. 


  1. Naomi, I totally agree with you that she should be buying for all the kids. I have two kids (who are both by my husband) and my in laws had a hard time when it came to my second. I dont understand why as I became pregnant with my first right after we had gotten together. They would bring my oldest something and not the youngest...or buy my oldest something new and get my youngest something used. I finally told them that they could not bring my oldest anything if they were not going to get the youngest anything. I also had the same problems at their birthday parties. They would get the oldest something, but not the youngest. I politely let them know they were not welcomed at my son's (oldest child) party since they did not buy anything for my daughter on her birthday. They were not very happy with me and honestly I had the support of my husband through all this. I dont think that things would have worked out if he was against me saying something to them and would have caused a lot of problems between us. So, if I was you I would as politely as possible tell them to either buy for all or dont buy for any of them. I hope this helps.

  2. Jennifer that's just it, my husband doesn't see anything wrong with it so one christmas when he got his mom and sister a gift and he put it was from all of us I tore off the tags and I put his name on it and that was it. He got pissed, but it's like I told him if they don't buy for my children why would I buy for them. So he left it. About a year ago I was about to leave and go home because I am not from Illinois so I told him that if he didn't put his mom in place then I was gone. He told me that he never told her anything, because she is who she is and she has always been that way. What!! so that makes it okay?!