Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I never really was one that accepted criticism even if it was to help me.  I would always just go the way I was going even if someone else told me different.  Since I have started school with Kaplan having to do discussions I thought was a rude way if learning.  In that process I began to realize that I could use those critics to my advantage and that it would help me even more if I considered what they were saying.  So neat less to say you all can't hurt me anymore.  LOL I am just joking.  Truly, though you can benefit from what other people think, and score big in the long run.  Consider other peoples ideas, because they may have thought of something that you never even were close to thinking.  So to me other people's ideas can spark an idea to think differently.  I have enjoyed your help in this class as well and your support.  Thank all of you for your ideas and thoughts to making a project better.  Prof Barb thank you for helping me be a better writer.


  1. Naomi - I am thrilled to hear of your "conversion" from suspicion/distrust to openness in terms of criticism. It's true that others can be very helpful in so many ways. And you're welcome!!

  2. I liked how you were kind of funny and said,"you can't hurt me anymore"! It is true that you can learn a lot from criticism! I know that when I first started school I was so scared I was going to hurt someone's feelings, but at the same time, I wanted to give them some advice if I could. It is like this, and take into consideration I like to be funny, if your best friend had a huge green booger in her nose before she went on a date, would you tell her? Or would you hope that she seen it on her own and not tell her and take a chance of her super hot date seeing it? This is kind of what we are doing in class. If we look at if for what it is, we would understand that, hey I bet they were only trying to help me, so it's okay. On the other hand, it is not okay for someone to totally be mean and say,"can you please get that nasty freakin booger out of your nose!" Instead you might want to say, "before you go out, I wanted to let you know you have a boogie you need to take care of" which is a matter of netiquete!